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Loranne Smans

Discipline Snowboarding

Photo © Matthew Cox

Loranne Smans is the first Belgian woman on a World Cup podium Snowboard and so far the only Belgian to qualify for the Olympic Winter Games snowboarding. She has been active at the highest level of snowboarding since she was 15 years old. Big Air and Slopestyle are her favorite disciplines. She intends to remain the leading lady of Belgian snowboarding by both excelling at international competitions and inspiring young riders with the freeride trips she does around the world.

“I'm a big fan of an organic and plant based lifestyle. A healthy and balanced diet is essential for me to perform on the snow. Fortunately, Innerme can help me to fuel and energize the way I want!"

Loranne's favorite fuel:

The chocolate protein bar! I love chocolate and that's why I'm always looking forward to the end of my workouts ;-) I also like to take this bar as a snack during the day.


World Cup 2023


World Championships

7th and 9th place

World Cup

9x top 8

European Cup

6x podium, 3x gold medal

Belgian Champion

more than 20x