Why Innerme?

Our approach

Backed by science, fuelled by nature

Innerme products guarantee long-term health through pure fuelling strategies. Our unique recipes are developed to support optimal performance.

By providing high end sports nutrition that our bodies can tolerate, we aim to meet the specific nutrition needs of athletes' energy, hydration and recovery strategies.


Our products are certified organic and 100% natural.

Whole food ingredients

We believe in the power of pure foods and stick to whole, minimally processed or unprocessed ingredients.

Plant based

We only use plant-based ingredients.*

*Our Energy Gel ‘Endurance’ does contain honey.


Our ingredients are naturally gluten-free.

No refined sugars

We stay away from refined sugars, preservatives and colorants.


Rest assured, we stay away from GMO ingredients!

Production & ingredient sourcing

It is our commitment to offer a highly innovative product range with only the best ingredients: 100% natural, organic and plant-based. Transparency in our ingredient sourcing is key and translated to our product labels.

We want to stay true to our roots and recently started producing our energy and protein bars in our own production facility in Belgium. In the future it is our ambition to produce even more close to home and we are constantly seeking ways to do so.

Created by athletes, approved by athletes

As our origin story narrates, Innerme exists to meet the needs of athletes of all levels and across different spots. Our products are thoughtfully developed to fuel training, races and adventures. We are committed to providing pure fuelling strategies that help you push your limits without losing overall health and well being out of sight.

In close collaboration with an inspiring group of athletes, we are constantly developing and innovating our product range. In doing so, we want to inspire athletes to test their limits, reach optimal health and by consequence performance. Whether you are an elite or amateur athlete, we are here to keep you going!

Our story

As endurance athletes with aspirational goals we’ve experienced first hand that nutrition is essential in pursuit of optimal performance. Yet we struggled fuelling our bodies right and couldn’t find a product on the market that nailed GI distress, tackled labels that read like a chemistry lesson or got rid of taste fatigue. So we got to work!