Why Innerme?

Our ingredients

Nature keeps you going

By using full-fledged carbohydrates that are created through a natural cooking process, we stay closer to nature. Its editing is minimized and only natural. Which means no chemical refining process or refined sugars are involved in the process.

The basis of our energy bars, protein bars and iso energy drink consists of unrefined rice syrup.

Complete carbohydrates

Rice syrup

Rice syrup is a mildly sweet form of sugar that is easy to digest and absorb. Because rice syrup contains many complex sugar structures, the carbohydrates are released slowly in the body. Thanks to the natural production process, the syrup still contains its minerals.

Rice syrup has a high glycemic index (GI). This is a measure to indicate how quickly the glucose is digested in the gut and absorbed into the blood. Thanks to the combination of the other full-fledged ingredients in our energy bar, the GI drops and the glucose is gradually released into the body.

Complete carbohydrates

Glucose vs. fructose

Innerme prefers sugars consisting of glucose (such as rice syrup and tapioca syrup) because they are healthier in the long term. Glucose can be used frequently without any problems and is easily digested by the body. Fructose is another story. This is a very good addition to absorb more carbohydrates, but it is recommended to only use it in a limited amount.

Your body can only digest a limited amount of fructose on a daily basis. This is because the liver contains a limited number of enzymes to process this fructose. That is why we recommend eating a maximum of 15g to 25g fructose per day (on average on a daily basis). Daily large amounts of fructose can overload the liver. The fructose that cannot be converted into glucose is then stored as fat and this can even lead to fatty liver disease (with constant overload). Fructose can, as it were, become toxic. Another disadvantage of fructose is that it does not give a feeling of satiety and thus it is much more likely to form bonds between sugars and proteins (AGEs) that form free radicals and can cause damage.

That is the main reason why at Innerme we opt for different forms of carbohydrates than (dried) fruit. The advantage of (dried) fruit and fruit syrup may be that it has a low GI, the major disadvantage is that you can only consume it in very limited amounts to be healthy. Therefore it is less interesting for athletes who exercise and use sports nutrition on a daily basis.

An advantage of fructose: you can absorb a larger amount of carbohydrates during exercise by combining glucose and fructose in the right ratio. Your body processes fructose more easily in combination with glucose. This ratio can be found in our iso energy drink (about 30% agave) and our energy gels 'fast'. Please note that you shouldn't consume too much fructose on a daily basis. Use these products only occasionally and alternate sufficiently with our energy bars that do not contain fructose. These are ideal for regular consumption without health problems, such as during a multi-day event. Our protein bars contain a small amount of fructose in the form of dates. We therefore recommend eating a maximum of 2 of those per day. Our oat bar and our superfood bar also contain agave and dried fruit. We also advise to consume those in moderation.

Plant-based proteins

We use the best quality plant-based proteins in our products that contain all the essential amino acids the body needs: rice protein, pea protein, sunflower protein, pumpkin seed protein, flaxseed protein and hemp protein.

The recommended daily amount for athletes varies between 1.2 and 2 grams per kilogram of body weight. Our range of plant-based protein products helps you to easily meet your daily dose:

Protein Mix ‘Vanilla’

one portion contains 20 grams of protein from peas, hemp and pumpkin seeds.

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Protein Mix 'Cocoa'

one portion provides you with 20 grams of protein from rice, sunflower and flax seeds.

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Protein Bar 'Chocolate'

one bar contains no less than 12 grams of protein.

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Protein Bar 'Almond - Apricot'

with 11 grams of protein per bar

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Electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) are naturally present in our products through the ingredients we use.

Sea salt is used in the energy bars, protein bars and energy gel 'fast', which contain these nutrients (in addition to the other full-fledged ingredients that also contain these minerals). The Innerme Iso Energy Drink contains a unique sea salt, namely the Celtic sea salt. This sea salt is rich in minerals and trace elements because the seawater is collected in basins of clay soil through an ingenious system. The clay adds extra minerals to the salt and purifies the sea salt. This method of salt extraction has been around for more than 2000 years. The quality is excellent and gives you the right salts you need before/during/after exercise.

Our story

As endurance athletes with aspirational goals we’ve experienced first hand that nutrition is essential in pursuit of optimal performance. Yet we struggled fuelling our bodies right and couldn’t find a product on the market that nailed GI distress, tackled labels that read like a chemistry lesson or got rid of taste fatigue. So we got to work!