Pieter Heemeryck
Pieter Heemeryck is a Belgian professional triathlete and member of the DOMO-Scott triathlon team since 2016. In 2019, he started the podcast called 'De Jogclub' together with world duathlon champion Seppe Odeyn and ultrarunner Robrecht Paesen. In 2023, Pieter won...
Loranne Smans
Loranne Smans is the first Belgian woman on a World Cup podium Snowboard and so far the only Belgian to qualify for the Olympic Winter Games snowboarding. She has been active at the highest level of snowboarding since she was 15 years old.
Hannes Van Duysen
Hannes Van Duysen is a talented climber with a number of remarkable achievements in his young career. As he continues to rise to the top of the sport, Hannes works hard towards the 2024 Olympic Games.
Jérôme Vanderschaeghe
Jerome is a Walloon ultra trail runner. For several years he has been among the best in Belgium and in 2019 he represented our country at the World Championships. Since the end of 2019, Jerome has been living in Switzerland....
Frans Claes
Frans is a professional mountain biker and member of the HUMANPWR cycling team. He started mountainbiking competitively at the age of 25 and  lives and trains in Leuven (Belgium) and Gunten (Switzerland). Besides being a coffee geek, Frans made the...
Niels Van Zandweghe
Niels is a competitive rower and a proud citizen of Bruges. Besides rowing he loves riding his bike. When he's not training, you can find Niels at the coffee shop. Niels is an Olympian and bronze medalist at previous EU...
Tim Brys
Tim is a competitive rower based out of Ghent. He is an Olympian and bronze medalist at previous EU and World Championships. Our collaboration with Tim goes back a long way and we keep supporting him to the fullest on...
Frederic Glorieux
Frederic Glorieux is a cyclist who focuses on Gran Fondo and multi-day cyclo races. He's been one of the absolute top rides in the Gran Fondo world for years.