Frederic Glorieux

Frederic Glorieux

Discipline Cycling

Frederic Glorieux is a cyclist who focuses on Gran Fondo and multi-day cyclo races. He's been one of the absolute top rides in the Gran Fondo world for years.

“Despite my age, I still manage to be successful in Gran Fondo competitions. I am convinced that Innerme plays its role in this success. Since I learned about Innerme, I have become more conscious about nutrition. Innerme provides me with the fuel my body needs to perform at a high level and recover from my efforts (easily digestible, natural and high quality)."

Frederic's favorite fuel

The energy bar Green tea. The taste of these bars has really become my favorite since the new recipe. You can taste all ingredients so pure in the mouth (matcha tea & lemon), furthermore these are very chewable in effort and very easy to digest.

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