Nature keeps you going

Not just another energy bar

Pure nature with only the best organic ingredients.

Organic, easy to digest and high-quality sports nutrition. Pure nature for pure power that boosts your energy levels, health and overall wellbeing.

Wherever you are in your journey as an athlete, we keep you going.


Our products are certified organic and 100% natural.

Plant based

We only use plant-based ingredients.*

*Our Energy Gel ‘Endurance’ does contain honey.


Our ingredients are naturally gluten-free

No refined sugars

We stay away from refined sugars, preservatives and colorants.

Whole food ingredients

We believe in the power of pure foods and stick to whole, minimally processed or unprocessed ingredients. All nature!

Innerme Sport Box

Aren't you familiar with the Innerme range yet and would you like to get to know it? Taste and test our products with this package and experience what works for you.

Ontdek de Sport box