Niels Van Zandweghe

Niels Van Zandweghe

Discipline Rowing

Niels is a competitive rower and a proud citizen of Bruges. Besides rowing he loves riding his bike. When he's not training, you can find Niels at the coffee shop. Niels is an Olympian and bronze medalist at previous EU and World Championships. He also is the Belgian record holder in the 2km indoor rowing lightweight category. Our collaboration with Niels goes back a long way and we keep supporting him to the fullest on his way to the Olympic Games in Paris 2024!

"Balancing mental and physical health is key to optimize performance."

Niels' favorite fuel:

All energy gel 'fast' -> Nothing has saved my training more often during the heavy training periods in which I have to lose weight towards regattas. The energy they give is released so quickly and is so good that they easily prevent bonking.

World Cup classification 2017


World Championship

Bronze medal

Olympic Games Tokyo