Tour des Alpes – Gevecht met de Alpen voor het goede doel

Tour des Alpes – A battle with the Alps for a good cause

With Innerme in their water bottle and on their road bikes, Toon, Anton and Ben crossed 2004 km of the European Alps in two weeks - good for more than 45000 meters of elevation gain. They undertook their journey to raise funds for Rondpunt VZW.

Three cycling tourists, all packed and ready on their racing bikes, leave from Salzburg to reach Nice 14 days later. Successfulyl, as it turned out. The Alps no longer hold any secrets for the trio, who climbed mountain passes such as the Großglockner, the Stelvio and the Galibier. With their journey, they raised more than 10000 euros for the charity Rondpunt VZW, an organization that provides material and psychological help for those involved in traffic accidents.

“Balanced nutrition is essential if you want to get the most out of your body, both during exercise and during recovery." Toon, Anton and Ben

The menu for those two weeks looked like this: 180 gels, 220 sports bars, 9.36 kg of isotonic drinks and 2.88 kg of protein mix. The engines kept running with Innerme as fuel. “We were looking for a Belgian partner to provide us with sports nutrition and found Innerme. Dirk was very excited about our initiative. And we were very enthusiastic about Innerme after our journey. Innerme's philosophy is only real when you start consuming the products. Pure energy that is easily digestible,” they conclude.

“What's even more astonishing than those 28 cols we conquered, is that no one had stomach problems during the trip." Toon, Anton and Ben

"We had tested everything in advance, but we could not estimate how our bodies would respond to two weeks of non-stop sports nutrition consumption. Not unimportant, both in terms of performance and taste (fatigue)! We left in Salzburg and 14 days later we arrived on the beach in Nice. We had raised over 10000 euro. And with every climb we conquered, we became more convinced of the quality of Innerme."

Tour des Alpes – Gevecht met de Alpen voor het goede doel