Een goede gezondheid en INNER power to YOU in 2024

Good health and INNER power to YOU ​​in 2024

In a positive sense, 2023 was an eventful year for Innerme. Continued professionalization was necessary and I am proud that we have taken many steps in the right direction. The marketing and brand identity were optimized by our fantastic team - you can see the result of their work on our new website. I am very proud we're now able to offer an even better service as a result.

Since September I am no longer the manager of Innerme. Due to the growth of the company and the associated daily operational activities, it was no longer feasible to get everything done. We decided to expand the Innerme team and appointed a new CEO; Stefaan Vanlerberghe. Stefaan has been a co-shareholder for many years, a convinced user of Innerme and is 200% motivated to succeed as the managing CEO. His past as a top athlete in combination with his professional experience in the world of organic food makes for an ideal match!

I am very happy with this step which allows me to focus even more on other things within the company such as commercial objectives, marketing activities and the development of the product range.

2023 was also a year with great results from our athletes. It is fantastic to see how they use our products to deliver top performance. The proof that Innerme really works. Nature keeps you going!

In 2024 we will continue in the direction of further professionalization, so we can continue to provide you with the best quality sports nutrition possible. Stay tuned, you can also expect some new products!

Good health and inner power to you ​​in 2024.

May you achieve all your athletic goals!

Dirk Baelus