Isotonic energy drink fruit
Isotonic energy drink fruit
Isotonic energy drink fruit
Isotonic energy drink fruit
Isotonic energy drink fruit

Isotonic energy drink fruit

This isotonic energy drink has the perfect glucose-to-fructose ratio to enhance your performance and to help you replace the carbohydrates and salts you lose when sweating. Our thirst-quencher contains natural sources of vitamin C, as well as freeze-dried fruit. Enjoy all the goodness of fresh fruit and its great taste, without getting a sticky feeling in your mouth. Ready for your next training session?
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  • 100% organic and vegan
  • source of vitamin C
  • superior hydration
  • can contribute to better performance
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rice syrup*, agave*, rosehip*, acerola*, Celtic sea salt, freeze-dried papaya*, freeze-dried pineapple*

*controlled organic cultivation

What makes our Isotonic Energy Drink ‘Fruit’ the perfect sports drink? Well, do you have a minute?

  • It quenches your thirst and delivers long-lasting, healthy energy.
  • The Celtic sea salt provides you with salts.
  • It’s packed with rosehip and acerola, two natural sources of vitamin C and important antioxidants that improve recovery and enhance performance.
  • It is delicious and does not make your mouth sticky.
  • Its excellent ratio of glucose to fructose (ratio 2:1) enables your body to better absorb carbohydrates, which is a huge plus for endurance and competitive athletes.
  • It’s made with freeze-dried papaya and pineapple, so the quality of the fruit is preserved. As good as eating it fresh!

Enjoy this product as part of a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

You’re just 4 steps away from a tasty energy drink:

  • shake the bag of energy powder
  • add one portion (4 scoops of 10 g) to 500 ml of water in your drink bottle
  • shake well before use
  • enjoy your drink while exercising!

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Nature keeps you going

Complete range of natural, plant-based and organic sports food which takes your health into account.
Easy to digest, the right energy, efficient recovery.

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Experiences by athletes

"My journey in sports has shown me the real value and importance of good nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. Innerme's vision to work with pure, natural and organic products matches perfectly with my beliefs and contributes to the realization of my goals."

Pieter Heemeryck

“Innerme fits well into my philosophy. Organic products without refined sugars are perfect fuel for my training and competitions."

Jérôme Vanderschaeghe
Ultra trail runner

"I like to think and plan with longevity in mind. My plant-based lifestyle is a great example of that and Innerme blends in perfectly with my philosophy to take the best possible care of my health as an athlete."

Frans Claes

“I'm a big fan of an organic and plant based lifestyle. A healthy and balanced diet is essential for me to perform on the snow. Fortunately, Innerme can help me to fuel and energize the way I want!"

Loranne Smans

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