Balance drink stevia: alkaline drink (5 liter)
Balance drink stevia: alkaline drink (5 liter)
Balance drink stevia: alkaline drink (5 liter)
Balance drink stevia: alkaline drink (5 liter)
Balance drink stevia: alkaline drink (5 liter)

Balance drink stevia: alkaline drink (5 liter)

Our balance drink stevia keeps you hydrated during or after your workout. This alkaline drink with fresh ginger and lemon juice contains almost no calories and helps de-acidify your body, resulting in a better acid-base balance. It contains probiotics from kefir, which can boost your digestive system. And perhaps best of all? This lightly sweetened drink is just delicious!
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  • natural, probiotic drink
  • 0 calories
  • better acid-alkaline balance
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water, bancha tea*, ginger*, lemon*, live lactobacilli, sweetener: steviol glycosides

*controlled organic cultivation

What makes our Balance Drink ‘Stevia’ the perfect thirst-quencher?

  • This drink combines the fresh taste of ginger and bancha tea with their purifying qualities.
  • It contains zero carbs or sugars, so it’s completely calorie-free.
  • It’s a living drink, brimming with probiotics from kefir. A treat for your stomach and intestines!
  • It is simply delicious.
  • It is alkaline and helps de-acidify your body as well as maintain your acid-base balance.
  • It works well with a low-carb, low-protein, keto or paleo diet.

Enjoy our thirst-quencher before, during or after exercise, or whenever you feel like it, really! If you want, you can dilute it with water (50/50). This natural drink comes in a handy box which you can keep on the counter. (Yep, the Balance Drink can be stored at room temperature.) Plenty of opportunities to fill your drink bottle or glass with yumminess.

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