Wat is de meerwaarde van biologische (sport)voeding?

What is the added value of organic (sports) nutrition?

Why choose organic sports nutrition? We listed the benefits for you!

  • Organic ingredients contain more nutrients.
  • Only organic fruits and vegetables contain salvestrols (protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi, ...)
  • No use of pesticides.
  • Non-organic products often contain more synthetic flavors, artificial sweeteners (such as aspartan) and preservatives
  • The production process from A to Z is strictly controlled. Organic food is more strictly controlled by independent organizations. There is an origin check of the ingredients and, for example, certain substances and chemicals may not be used in the production process. Confidence in the quality of organic raw materials is much higher than non-organic.
  • Organic is simply better for both people and the planet.

Organic is better for people and the planet.

Organic production is more ecological and therefore better for our earth. For example, no pesticides end up in our soil or our drinking water. Organic food grows or is created as nature intended. The result: more nutrients and less waste in the form of pesticides and chemicals in your body. There are also benefits for nature because less pollution by pesticides means more biodiversity! Organic therefore guarantees to pay more attention to both people and nature.

That is why at Innerme we always opt for organic ingredients of the very best quality.

Nature keeps you going!

Een greep uit onze biologische (sport)voeding

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