Eric Grim, marathonloper en fietser: “Eindelijk sportvoeding gevonden die ik kan verdragen”

Eric Grim, marathon runner and cyclist: “Finally I found sports nutrition that I can tolerate”

Eric Grim has been running marathons for about fifteen years and is also an avid cyclist. He suffers from various food allergies, which doesn't make it easy for Eric to find the right sports nutrition. With Innerme Eric found a range of products his body accepts.

Allergic to lactose and refined sugars

Among other things, Eric is allergic to lactose and refined sugars. “This makes it extra difficult for me to find food that my body can tolerate. For me, most gels and drinks had the opposite effect: they gave me no energy, but rather mucus in the throat and fatigue. The cause? A high dose of refined sugars in the gels."

Ten years ago, Eric was examined for seven weeks. It turned out that he suffered from several allergies. “As crazy as it sounds,” he says, “I was happy with the result. Finally I knew why I always felt so tired and bad.” Eric was told which nutrients to avoid, but no one told him how to compensate for those deficiencies. “By avoiding certain nutrients I felt better, but my energy levels remained low. After exercising I was often exhausted and I ran many kilometers solely on a strong mind.”

Renewed strength thanks to adapted nutritional advice

Much changed when a nutritionist told Eric about the benefits of organic food. “She made me realize that I was lacking certain nutrients and explained to me how I could supplement them responsibly with organic supplements. She made me think. I studied healthy sports nutrition. Unfortunately, this is very little. But luckily I came into contact with Innerme.”

Eric: “The natural products and the philosophy behind Innerme really appealed to me, because the basics have been carefully considered.” Eric realized that the Innerme range could have a positive effect on his performance.



Tailor made nutrition plan

Two years ago, Eric decided to participate in the Grizzly Run in the UK: a 20-mile trail over muddy paths and beaches, along cliffs, through water, forests and fields. “This is a challenge that requires the right nutrition and hydration. During my preparation, I designed my nutrition plan with Innerme, taking my allergies into account. Dirk gave me advice about when and how I could use the products.”

“During my training I tried different gels, bars and drinks. The results were very positive. I felt energetic and powerful, I no longer had mucus in my throat and wasn't fatigued.”

Eric is currently training for the Zeeland Coastal Marathon, the toughest marathon in the Netherlands.