“Innerme was mijn laatste stap naar een plantaardige levensstijl”

“Innerme was my last step towards a plant-based lifestyle”

In 2016, Kristof Gregoire completely changed his lifestyle. After a burnout, he decided to move to Gran Canaria with his partner, where he became a mountain bike guide and focused further on his passion: marathon mountain biking. Kristof needed sports nutrition for his many rides, but the classic products caused him digestive distress. Kristof discovered the Innerme range through Frans Claes. Read more about his experiences with Innerme and how it affects his lifestyle.

In short, who is Kristof?

I am Kristof Gregoire, mountain bike guide. I am also a bit of an interior designer, but MTB guiding is my main activity. Until 2016, I led a life like many… working hard to have a good life. But what is a good life? Until then, that was what society expected of us: a successful career, a nice house and a matching car and nice clothes. Consuming oriended…

A burnout rang all the alarm bells, which led me to evaluate what I was doing. It made me realize that it would not make me or my partner happy to continue down this path. We wanted to live more instead of owning a lot and so we completely changed course. We sold everything we had, left Belgium behind and moved to Gran Canaria, where the weather was nicer and we could cycle more. A year later I became a mountain bike guide. I alternate this with the summer months when I guide in Norway. We actually no longer have a fixed location and live where cycling takes us. 

How did Innerme come onto the radar?

I have never competed in sports, but marathon mountain biking was my thing. Since I only really started training at the age of 36, I worked with a coach and for long distances sports nutrition is an indispensable element in the training plan. I soon noticed that not all sports nutrition was suitable for me. Some tasted more chemically than others, stuck in my mouth for a long time, but above all, I really did not digest most products well.

I will never forget Transscharzwald 2014 because that was a race of stomach cramps... of course I didn't know Innerme back then. Over the years I have tried many different brands, until I discovered Innerme through Frans Claes. This is going to sound cliché now, but for me it was like a revelation. I digest the products very well, they taste great and they are simply effective!

What is your experience with innerme?

As a mountain bike guide, I ride my bike professionally about 10 to 11 months a year (4 to 5 days a week) and I also consume quite a bit of sports nutrition. I never thought that I would find a brand where all the products were both tasty and effective. This is the case at Innerme.

I used to get tired of an isotonic drink after a few weeks, but I can simply continue drinking the Isotonic Energy Drink from Innerme! After my working day I also like to drink the Balance Drink Bio to further hydrate.

I always take a protein shake after every ride and the vanilla flavor is my favorite! If I can't take the shake straight away after a ride, the protein bar cocoa also comes in handy as an alternative! They are also easy to take with me when I am on the road.

The various flavors of the energy bars also come in handy during a ride. The cocoa-orange and the apple-cinnamon happen to be my favorites and that's perfectly fine for my partner who prefers the green tea-lemon bar.

I only use energy gels when I do a specific and intensive workout. I use the endurance gels almost exclusively and love the fresh and spicy mint flavor.

As a MTB guide, it also regularly happens that customers run out of energy and I always have my reserve with me for that. The handy 40gr bag of isotonic is eagerly accepted and appreciated!

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