Mijn Flandrien Challenge ‘fuelled by Innerme'

My Flandrien Challenge ‘fueled by Innerme'

59 iconic Flemish (cobbled) bergs and pavés spread over 3 suggested stages, that is the Flandrien Challenge. Dieter took on the challenge and glue the 3 stages together to conquering the entire route in one single stage and within 72 hours.

The plan: the ultra version of the Flandrien Challenge, a combination of the three suggested stages from organizer Cycling in Flanders. Start in Ypres, finish in Oudenaarde. 443 km, 5500 elevation meters and no less than 26 (!) km of cobblestones all together. Auchw.

A tough physical challenge, but above all an important test for Dieter's stomach. It was his first ultra ride after withdrawing due to stomach problems in the Race Around The Netherlands last year. During a successful race in Portugal in 2019, he barely consumed any solid food in the last 12 hours. In the Netherlands, Dieter wasn't able to consume any food 12 hours after the start... He rode through the night on an empty stomach and had to quit the race disappointed in the morning to board the train back home.

Things couldn't go on like this any longer.

"It was time to listen to my body and I started looking for an alternative to classic sports nutrition. That's how I ended up at Innerme. I ordered a trial package and also received a book from Innerme founder Dirk Baelus. After reading from Dirk's book, I immediately stopped using refined sports nutrition and avoided as many refined products as possible when cycling. After a few weeks of mainly shorter training sessions, I already noticed a difference. I suffered less from heartburn and had noticeably fewer 'munchies' after my rides. I seemed to be on the right track, although this challenge would really bring clarity… "

"20 hours, 43 minutes and 29 seconds after the start in Ypres, I had 443 kilometers, 59 (cobbled) berg and cobblestone sections and 5500 meters of elevation in my legs. But above all 11 Innerme gels, 4 bananas and a lot of homemade cakes made of rice and sweet potato/date in the stomach as well without feeling any discomfort. And what was even more surprising for me: the gels continued to go down smoothly and my appetite did not decrease - which I often had noticed with traditional sports nutrition. Very important, because that's how you keep eating enough food along the way."

“What was even more surprising to me: the Innerme gels continued to go down smoothly and my appetite did not decrease, which I often had noticed with traditional sports nutrition." Dieter Schietse

Dieter is extremely satisfied after this successful challenge and is already looking ahead. "On June 21 I will be at the start line of the BikingMan France, a grueling ultra race in the south of France of 1,000 kilometers and 20,000 meters of elevation gain including the Ventoux and the Col de la Bonette. During that race I will of course be more dependent on what I find along the way I think, but I also plan to take a lot of Innerme gels with me. It will save me time on the road and this way I can be sure that I am getting food that not only provides energy but is also nourishing. No unnecessary luxury in a 1000 km race."

To be continued!

Dieter's favorites:

The energy gels 'fast' strawberry and lemon, more candy than energy gel!

The protein mix 'cocoa' and 'vanilla': it took some time getting used to the flavor, but now it is indispensable in my recovery, even the days after heavy exercise.

The 'almond-apricot' protein bar is also coming with me to France. It is extremely important to get in enough protein during an ultra race.

Mijn Flandrien Challenge ‘fueled by Innerme'